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200hr Teacher Training on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica

Join us where the jungle meets the sea in beautiful Costa Rica.


Dates available in 2024:


September 26th to October 12th


December 3rd to 19th

Dates in 2025:


March 31st to April 16th, 2025


June 8th to 24th, 2025

To ensure quality time and attention for each student, our max group size is 10 participants only. 


Disconnect from the hustle and reconnect to yourself for this powerful immersive getaway surrounded by nature. 

Connect to your truth, feel fully supported and empowered to live a life with purpose and freedom!

 Wake up to the beauty of the jungle, enjoy your morning practice to the distant sound of the ocean waves. 

Gather in circle, learn in community, and deepen your practice with this transformative course.

Yoga Alliance certified Ytt

Flights are not included

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300hr Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Join us for this immersive training to dive deeper into your yoga teaching experience.

Gain powerful new skills to expand your teaching practice while being immersed in the magical jungle of Costa Rica. 

Only held once a year!

June 27th to July 22nd, 2025

Give yourself the gift of self-discovery and personal empowerment. 

To ensure quality time and attention for each student our max group size is 10 participants only.

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Flights are not included.

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Yoga Twist

7 Day Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica 2022

Join us where the jungle meets the sea in beautiful Costa Rica 

Dates available in 2024:

August 26th to September 1st

September 8th to 14th


December 28th, 2024 to January 3rd, 2025

Dates in 2025:

March 9th to 15th, 2025

May 18th to 24th, 2025

Feel nourished by nature on this unforgettable 7-day immersive experience of learning, transformation, and connection.


Deepen your yoga practice while giving yourself the gift of presence, peace, community, and support in this all-inclusive nature-inspired retreat getaway.


This retreat is beginner-friendly and open to all levels of practice.


To ensure quality time and attention for each student, our max group size is 12 participants only.


Yoga Alliance certified Instructor

Flights are not included. 

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Say yes to YOU!


Hello There!

Stacy Sinclair

Stacy believes in taking a whole body holistic approach to her client’s care, tailoring each treatment to the individual.  She creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where clients can truly relax and let go of daily stresses.



“Stacy is a phenomenal instructor, her academic background and her application of knowledge is demonstrated within her teaching. She puts theory into practice and you can tell she practices what she preaches. She has wisdom beyond her years and carries space very well, both in and out of class.” 


Reviews on YA

RYS Yoga Alliance

—  Morgan

200hr Ytt in Costa Rica

200hr Ytt in Costa Rica


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